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Flower Mound Man Records His Experience Driving in North Texas

Troubling dashboard video shows close-calls and near-misses likely caused by distracted driving

Between last-minute turns, cutting people off and illegally crossing lanes, we all know the craziness that comes with driving in North Texas.

One local man decided to catch it all on camera, in a video that has since had people talking.

Derek Grippin, from Flower Mound, compiled clips of driving around North Texas over the course of a year.

In one video, you can see a car crossing over a double-solid white line to enter a freeway — right next to a police officer.

Another clip shows an SUV trying to squeeze over, barely missing colliding with another car.

Grippin said the whole experience of documenting near-misses has made him even more aware of the risks of driving. He hopes that, by posting the video, it will remind people to concentrate on driving rather than becoming distracted.

"You can have a GPS on your phone, but it's a good idea to know where you are going ahead of time so you are not having to cut many people off to make a turn," Grippin suggested.

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