Flower Mound & Lewisville Warn of Snake Season

Animal Services say many communities in the area have begun taking calls about snake sightings.

Manager of Lewisville Animal Services, Ethel Strother said it’s important this time of year to be cautious of the animals.

She said the animals are out looking for warmth right now and can be commonly found near water, under mulch or wood piles and in tall grass and bushes.

That includes the venomous copperhead and water moccasin; two of the four venomous snakes Strother said can be found in North Texas.

While Strother said timid and non-venomous breeds are more likely to be found in the area, the copperheads can be very aggressive when people come upon them.

According to experts, venomous snakes will stand out by their triangular heads and small slitted eyes.

However, Animal Services recommends that if you are ever unsure if a snake is venomous, it is best to just treat it like it is and leave the animal alone.

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