Flower Mound Residents Learn How to Prevent Coyote Conflicts

At least two dozen Flower Mound residents attended the town's “Preventing Coyote Conflicts” Tuesday night.

The class, hosted by Flower Mound Animal Services, aimed to teach residents how to avoid situations involving coyotes. 

Lynsey White Dashner, the Director of Humane Wildlife Conflict Resolution for the Humane Society, said the plentiful habitat, food and lack of large predators draws coyotes to Flower Mound and surrounding areas.

Lue Taff, who was in attendance, lost her Chihuahua named Buddy last month to a coyote.

“The reason I know that is that we found his tail,” Taff told the crowd.

Relocation or the killing of the coyotes doesn’t solve the problem, according to Dashner, who provided studies to the crowd that proved those efforts result in larger populations.

Experts said residents should learn to haze coyotes. If they are not scared of you, then they will continue to encroach on your property or your pets and children.

It’s advised you use noise, such as a whistle, to scare the animal each time it approaches your property.

For more information, visit http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/coyotes.

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