Baby Formula Shortage

Flower Mound Facebook Group Connects Families with Baby Formula

As families wait for an end to the nationwide baby formula shortage, one North Texas mom has turned to social media to ease their stress

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It all started when Jennifer Walton couldn’t find baby formula for her 6-month-old daughter Stella.

“I got mad. I got really really mad. And I looked at my husband and said, 'I think I’m going to start a Facebook group,'” said Jennifer Walton, a Flower Mound mom.

A week and a half later, her Facebook page “Formula Fed Babies” has grown to 2,000 plus members with moms and members who live in several states.

“Someone from Louisiana commented and said, 'Hey, is this Texas only?' And I said, 'There’s a lot of us, but no,'” said Walton.

It’s an online effort fueled by moms but open to anyone willing to help find baby formula.

“A lot of people will go to stores and they upload pictures and just put a timestamp, a location and timestamp,” said Walton.

She posts twice a day, and members are able to comment and post their pictures and store locations with the available formula.

Most members of the group live in five North Texas cities: Fort Worth, Burleson, Dallas, Arlington, and Flower Mound.

Walton’s family members have joined the hunt for formula, and so have co-workers and her employer.

“My bosses at Polk Mechanical have been so understanding. I work for a mechanical contractor. I work in construction here in DFW and they have been so great. They’ll run by stores, and they’ll let me know stuff that’s going on,” said Walton.

It’s a social media movement feeding babies and connecting communities.

“It’s honestly restored my faith in humanity. It’s been very solidifying,” said Walton.

You can find the link to the Facebook group Formula Fed Babies here.

The FDA said families can expect to see improvements on store shelves soon as the Biden Administration secured its first batch of baby formula from overseas. The first flights carrying supplies from other countries could start arriving as soon as this weekend.

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