Coppell Baker Turns Cookies Into Art

Coppell baker Suzy Cravens is an artist.

Every Christmas season, she turns her kitchen into a studio where she works on her creations - cookies.

"I have the bug. I do. It's an addiction."

Cravens is a seven time winner of The Dallas Morning News/Central Market Cookie Contest. Each of her award-winning masterpieces are rolled out from her imagination.

"Like with any of my cookies, they have to look at you and they have to have a sparkle. They have to be whimsical. They have to have a twinkle in their eye. They have to make you love them," Cravens said.

Her winners include cookies decorated like Jack Frost, a sock monkey, a gnome, a fox, one she describes as "Little Tex" and a sugar skull snowman.

This year, she submitted a llama-shaped cookie she named the Fa La La La Llama. From start to finish, the llama cookie takes 40 hours to perfect.

"It is a process," said Cravens. "You almost have to be like an architect. You have to see things in steps."

She admits she's may not be the best baker.

"You're going to laugh, but I burn cookies when I make them for my family."

But her cookies don't have to taste good to win, they just have to dazzle and she is already looking for her next inspiration.

"I've got to come up with a really good idea for next year," she said.

Suzy's daughter, Kendall, also received recognition in the TDMN competition for "Best Decorated."

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