Florida Voters Remember 2000 Election, Don't Want to See That Again

With less than a month to go in the presidential campaign, once again, Florida plays a pivotal role. 

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are in the Sunshine state this week, trying to pick up votes. 

On Wednesday, a judge extended the deadline to register until next Tuesday, because of Hurricane Matthew. 

NBC 5 has spent the week in the crucial swing state, attending rallies and talking to voters.

“It will probably dictate again, like it did in 2000, who is the president,” said Florida resident Vivian Caylor.

Caylor vividly remembers that election, which came down to Florida.

NBC 5’s Julie Fine is in Florida following the presidential campaigns for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Fewer than 2,000 votes separated Al Gore and President George W. Bush. 

That triggered a recount.

Caylor does not want to see that again.

Now she is volunteering to help register voters.

“It is because of 2000, but it is also because of this election. It is just so critical that we get people out to vote,” she added.

People who were just a few years old in 2000 are now eligible to vote. 

Several people who registered Wednesday in Palm Beach County are aware every vote counts, especially in a swing state like Florida.

“If you have the chance to make a difference, even if it is very small, you should,” said newly registered voter Rebekah Vaughan.

Other young voters agree.

"I just got out of the military, and I just want to exercise that same right that I have been fighting for for other people,” said Floridian Daniel Gill.

Registering was an easy decision for Richard Amendolara. 

He decided not to in 2012.

“I can’t talk about what the previous president has done because I didn't vote. So technically, I don't have a say, but I want to have a say now,” said Amendolara.

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