Floods, Closed Roads Hurt DFW Businesses

Flooded area lakes are causing the Trinity River system to overflow, leaving more than a dozen Dallas streets closed Monday.

One of the hardest hit areas was the intersection of Northwest Highway and Interstate 35E, where a large section of the intersection was under water causing some nearby businesses to close.

Jerry Springer works for a truck company near the intersection and his company is surrounded by floodwaters.

"I can't even get to work,” he said. “I've been here since 3 o'clock this morning and been to every back road and still can't get in."

Spring said he is worried he will not get paid if the road does not open soon.

"It is the worst I have ever seen it,” said Springer. “It keeps getting worse and worse every day."

Mornings are usually busy at the Valero Fuel Town at the intersection, but floodwaters prevented all but a handful of customers from making their way into the parking lot.

"Every road is basically closed,” Valero employee Edith Bueno said. “We can't make no business."

Bueno said they had to cut the amount of food they prepared here in half.

"We don't want it to go to waste,” she said. “We just do a little bit and whatever is left we just throw it away."

Everyone who works around this intersection are watching the water levels closely. They are all hoping it goes down soon.

"We wanted the rain, so we got it,” said Springer. “We have to deal with it."

Dallas city officials asked everyone to not go around barricades. They added that it might take several days for the water to go down.

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