Flood Waters Take Over Apartment Complex Outside of Downtown Houston

Houston braced for rain and flooding in the wake of Harvey, but few were prepared for the amount of rain and levels of flooding they got Sunday morning.

"All the water was coming up. We didn't know what to do," said Louis Llanas, who lives at the Northern Convention Apartments southeast of downtown Houston. "We were knocking on people's doors waking everybody up."

The Brays Bayou is right next to the complex. At about 2 a.m. Sunday, it spilled over into nearby apartments.

"It never did this before," said Darryl Smalls, who fled his downstairs apartment with his son. "It's just sad."

Smalls said he lost everything. So did many others. At least a dozen vehicles were submerged in the flood water.

"There's a fish inside my apartment," exclaimed Mark Artisan as he tried to salvage his SUV. "He jumped out of the water while I was getting food out of the refrigerator."

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