A Dozen Lewisville Residents Rescued From Flood Waters

It was the second flooding at the mobile home park in seven months

Twelve people had to be rescued from rising flood waters at a Lewisville mobile home park early Wednesday.

Rain fell hard and heavy around midnight, resulting in hip-deep water at the park, located at Oak Tree Lane and Holford's Prairie Road. First responders used boats to rescue residents who wanted to leave.

"We noticed the water was getting higher in the back yard," said Brandey Stephens, who was rescued along with several family members. "Then I realized how high. It had not been that high since last year when it got in the house."

This is the second flood at the park in seven months. Last September, Stephens and her family had to be evacuated from flooding.

"I feel like we're pushed to the wayside," she said. "That we're not cared about."

The city of Lewisville is working on a possible solution. Holford's Prairie Road is scheduled to be rebuilt, which city leaders said would address some of the drainage issues which contribute to flooding. James Kunke, Lewisville director of community relations, said the trailer park pre-dates current building regulations, and would never be allowed to be built on a flood plain today.

With more rain in the forecast, some residents said they felt helpless.

"I'm worried," Stephens said. "Not to the point of freaking out yet. My worry is here."

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