Flood Gate Reopened at Possum Kingdom Lake Due to Overnight Rain

Overnight rain forced officials with the Brazos River Authority to reopen a second flood gate at Possum Kingdom Lake Wednesday morning.

"The current release from Possum Kingdom Lake is about 19,000 cfs, and BRA hydrologists are analyzing inflow to the Lake in order to determine whether an additional gate will need to be opened," officials with the Brazos River Authority said in a statement Wednesday.

The water released from Possum Kingdom's Morris Sheppard Dam flows along the Brazos River downstream to Lake Granbury. Before the river hits Lake Granbury, it twists and turns past Horseshoe Bend where there has been extensive flooding in recent days.

NBC 5 Meteorologists Grant Johnston and Samantha Davies said the rest of Wednesday should be dry, but that more rain is in the forecast overnight into Thursday morning.

Lake Granbury outflows were decreased Tuesday, officials said, and the inflow into the reservoir has slowed to 34,000 cubic feet per second.

"The BRA will increase the release from Lake Granbury later today if inflow rises above the current release rate," BRA officials said.

Water released from Lake Granbury heads toward Lake Whitney, a flood control reservoir, which currently has 30 feet of vacant space in its flood pool.

Releases from Lake Limestone on the Navasota River are expected to remain relatively steady Wednesday, BRA officials said.

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