North Texas

Flood Damage Far From Gone at North Texas Lakes

For months volunteers have worked to fix it, but it could take years more before some areas around many North Texas lakes are repaired completely from record spring flooding.

On Wednesday Lake Grapevine Manager James Murphy continued to assess the damage in one Flower Mound park where several areas remain closed to the public.

Inside roads are crumbling in spots, camp sites and tables sit torn to pieces, and centuries old trees may or may not survive the winter after being submerged in water for weeks to months.

"Everything you see in this section was under about 20 feet of water,” said Murphy looking at a wrecked picnic area his crew hasn’t gotten to yet.

The situation is similar at other lakes like Lewisville Lake where Westlake park in Hickory Creek never opened its gates to the public this year; only to repair crews going in to slowly fix the mess inside.

Murphy said he and others from the Army Corps of Engineers will likely have to work through the off season on many areas, and still some won’t be close to 100%.

"Long term, it'll be years before things are to the way they were prior to the flood events of this spring,” said Murphy.

The Corps is still trying to get a price estimate on all the damage, but as Murphy counted up some spots at a single park Wednesday, it was clear the number will be in the millions; money which he said will slowly have to come from their general funds as they have it available.

For now, he asks visitors to the lake parks obey the closure signs and be patient as they work to get these areas back to normal.

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