Flock of Geese Stops Tollway Traffic Near Frisco

After eluding capture, family of geese was taken into custody near Frisco

A family of birds sent the North Texas Tollway Authority on a wild goose chase this week.

Drivers have spotted the small flock -- two adult geese about half a dozen goslings -- near the Sam Rayburn Tollway, said NTTA spokesman Michael Rey.

"We've been getting a few calls at a few locations, and it's been a difficult thing to track down," he said.

But the little pilgrimage nearly turned deadly near Frisco on Thursday afternoon.

"They were along the SRT on a slope and made their way down into traffic," Rey said.

An NTTA worker jumped into action, stopping traffic and ushering the birds off the road and into a small caged area underneath where the SRT meets the Dallas North Tollway.

Bird specialists from Plano-based Wild Feathers Wild Bird Rehabilitation came to take the group away. They plan to either release the birds into a more suitable habitat or to place the family in a sanctuary.

"It worked out about as well as it possibly could," Rey said.

Wild Feathers CEO Teri Latsko said that while it is normal to see birds nesting in warm spring weather, it is unusual for them to choose to set up home base in a busy area such as around a tollway interchange.

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