Low Lake Levels Force Floating Restaurant to Move

Boon-Docks Restaurant at Eagle Mountain Lake is moving, again.

"It’s hard to say you own the largest floating restaurant in the state of Texas if it’s sitting on dirt," said Boon-Docks co-owner, Dusty Gregg.

The floating restaurant opened last Memorial Day after a major remodel.

"We’re the first place that’s been in business here that ever made it through the winter," said Gregg. "We’re really looking forward to the spring and summer."

Now with Eagle Mountain Lake more than 10 feet below normal, crews are dredging the lake bed beneath the restaurant.

“They’re just trying to keep waterfront in front of us,” said Gregg.

Crews first floated the restaurant away from shore more than a week ago, and then allowed the restaurant to tie up this past Friday to open for the weekend.

They began to move it once more on Monday to level the lake bed beneath it in case the lake level drops even more.

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“You can’t really run a business if you’re at a 10 degree slope and people walk in and they’re coming into your building walking downhill, and especially after alcohol, who wants to be stumbling and falling on a 10 degree slope," said Gregg. “That’s what we’re trying to do, is just keep it floating.”

Boon-Docks isn’t the only building with problems at Eagle Mountain Marina.

The normally afloat Ships Store has been left high and dry, along with many boats tied up to slips.

“We’re praying and whatever it takes to get the rains and to raise the lake levels again and I’m sure everybody is," said Boon-Docks co-owner Steve McDonald.

But even with low lake levels, people are still coming out to the lake.

“Eagle mountain people, lake people, we’re all the same. We enjoy coming out no matter what the weather is, no matter what the lake levels are,” said Rhonda Flores.

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