#PlaneBae: Flight Seat-Swap Romance Goes Viral

"She pretty ... he hunky ... we excited"

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This modern-day love story all unfolded on social media and captured the world's attention in real time.

A Dallas woman, Rosey Blair, documented an on-air fling that unfolded after she swapped seats with an unknown woman on a flight from New York to Dallas Tuesday to be next to her boyfriend.

The woman joked she might want to switch back if she didn't like the person she was sitting next to. Instead, Blair captured the blossoming romance on Twitter and Instagram in posts that have been liked hundreds of thousands of times.

Follow what happened below.


Blair recounted in an interview on the "Today" show how she and her boyfriend felt during the flight: "We were like, aw," she said, holding her head in her hands.

The "hunky" man in the story now known as "PlaneBae" has come forward — he's Euan Holden, a retired professional soccer player whose brother is retired U.S. player and soccer analyst Stu Holden.

"From the moment we kind of buckled our seatbelts until we touched down on the ground, the conversation just kind of took off," Holden told "Today."

The woman declined to be interviewed, and Holden said she was a private person. But they do have plans to meet again.

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Holden "is a true gentleman," Blair tweeted Thursday, saying that he has been checking in on her, her boyfriend and the unnamed woman.

"This story took off at a level no one was prepared for and he’s taking care of all of us," she said.

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