Five Injured in Navarro County House Explosion

Authorities said five people were rescued after a Navarro County home collapsed due to an explosion Thursday night.

Dwain and Cathy Spruiell were hosting their family for a mini-reunion Thursday night when the explosion rocked their home in the 500 block of Texas 31 in Dawson.

"They just said the blast just came and caught them off guard. Everything was flying, computer parts, all over them. My mom and uncle were thrown almost to the road," said Angie Beene.

Angie's mother, Margaret Rowland, and three other victims suffered major injuries to their lower body. Beene said she is relieved her family members survived. She praised their friends and neighbors who pulled them from the rubble.

"I talked to a couple of gentleman who were first on scene, and they were the ones that were pulling the rubble off of our family," Beene said. "I'm extremely thankful. It's my mom. [She] is my world and my kids love her."

The home collapsed on Rowland, her sister Cathy, brother, Bill, and their spouses. They were in the center of the home when the blast occurred. The group suffered serious lower leg injuries as well as broken ribs, arms, and legs. They face more surgeries next week, but are expected to survive.

First responders were forced to sift through remnants of the collapsed house to rescue the survivors, according to Navarro County Sheriff Elmer Tanner.

“It’s kind of gone from a rescue or a recovery operation now to an investigation to try to determine the cause of this incident,” Tanner said.

Tanner added that authorities would interview the family to determine the cause of the explosion.

The home has been in the Spruiell family for decades. Jennifer Boyd saw pictures on TV and immediately knew it was her gradparents' home. She said losing it hurts.

"It was full of memories. Not just the physical part of it, but all the memories we made their as kids. Growing up, all our cousins, everybody that was there, it's a huge loss to our family," she said.

Investigators have yet to determine what caused the explosion. Beene said the family recently had their gas lines checked.

"They were told everything was fine, and, now, here we are. An explosion and possible loss of life of 5 family members?" Beene asked, rhetorically. "We're upset."

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