First Snow of 2019 Coats Parts of North Texas

The first winter storm of 2019 in North Texas packed more potential than actual punch. Parts of the area northwest of DFW did receive snow and ice.

To find this winter storm, one had to travel north of DFW, then west. In Jacksboro, ice coated trees, fences and power lines, and made road surfaces on bridges icy.

North of there, was somewhat of a rarity in North Texas. Snow began to accumulate in northern Jack County. Farther north, Wichita Falls, enough snow fell to leave a coating of about two inches.

“We like it,” said Deatra Smith, as she was headed to lunch. “I think the kids are bummed that it's happening during Christmas break so they're not missing a school day."

“I mean, it is pretty,” observed Larry Lyford. “What I'm worried about is these trees are starting to sag."

Actually, there was no noticeable damage. Conditions in Wichita Falls were slippery enough that a few cars left the road.

“I’m indifferent toward it,” said Lyford, a native of northern Iowa but a longtime North Texas resident. “My grandchildren hope they can build a snow man, but I know it isn't going to last that long."

Lyford says the last big snowstorm in Wichita Falls was nine years ago, when a foot of snow fell. He was unimpressed. For others, it was a welcome sign of winter.

“I think it's beautiful,” said Smith. “Especially the trees. It's pretty. Makes it feel like the holidays."

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