First Ever Penguin Chick Hatched at Dallas Zoo

The baby boom continues at the Dallas Zoo.

For the first time ever, a penguin chick hatched at the zoo on April 15.

The African black-footed penguin is also the first chick for parents, Tazo and Tulip.

The chick weighed a little more than a C battery at hatch and now, just two weeks later, weighs approximately 2.5 pounds.

Zoo officials haven't revealed the chick's gender and name yet.

The zoo says the little one won't start swimming lessons for a few months, so for now, the chick will remain off habitat, staying close to its parents until it can learn to take a dip.

This announcement comes just about a week after the birth of a colobus monkey at the zoo and the highly-televised birth of giraffe calf, Kipenzi, last month.

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