Fourth of July

Fireworks sales expected to surpass previous years

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Fireworks stands can be found along highways all over North Texas. This year, fireworks sales are projected to surpass last year’s.

North Texas resident Ken Capps walked and purchased two bags full of items sure to add excitement to this year’s family gathering.

“Things that go high and go bang,” he said. “And got some bottled rockets. They’re a lot bigger than they used to be.”

He stopped at Josh Floyd’s stand just off I-35 in Denton County Sunday afternoon. Floyd has been in the fireworks business for more than 20 years. He’s witnessed changes in products and withstood 2020 and 2021 – when COVID-19 disrupted the supply chain.

“It’s difficult for our suppliers to get over there and get the stuff, for the factories to make them, which resulted in a shortage and price hikes,” Floyd said. “And we were calling wholesalers all over trying to get product a couple of years ago.”

But consumers are loyal to tradition, especially when it comes to Independence Day. So, the fireworks stand survived and thrived. According to the American Pyrotechnics Association, consumers spent some $2.3 billion on fireworks in 2022. They expect sales for the 2023 season to surpass that.

It proves that the ritual of fireworks is here to stay throughout generations.

With products flying off the shelves, the American Pyrotechnics Association stressed the importance of only purchasing legal consumer fireworks.

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