North Texas

Firefighters Learn Lifesaving Skills for High Risk Newborns

The emergencies occur in 1 to 5 percent of births to which Frisco EMT crews respond

Frisco firefighters are now prepared to handle a unique kind of emergency they didn't train for in school.

Medical City Healthcare teamed up with the Frisco Fire Department to use a specialized simulator to train each firefighter and paramedic on high-risk obstetrics situations, like breech births, prolapsed cords and shoulder dystocia.

"When these things happen, and they happen at home or they happen at a birthing center, which we are seeing pop up everywhere, they'll call 911, so that's when we come on scene and they expect us to handle the emergency," said Craig White, EMS Liason for Medical City Frisco.

White said these emergencies occur in 1 to 5 percent of the births that EMT crews respond to, however, with the growing population of young families in North Texas, he said it's important firefighters and paramedics receive this advanced, highly skilled training.

Frisco firefighter Rey Navarro said the training is more valuable than what they learned from textbooks in the academy.

"It's realistic is what it is, and that's what you want," Navarro said.

Richardson and Garland fire departments have received the same training, while Plano and Mesquite firefighters are next on the schedule.

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