Fire Leaves Crowley Family Homeless for Christmas

Faulty wire on refrigerator may have sparked house fire.

The Anguish family still can't believe a fire wiped out everything they own, just days before Christmas.

"Scrapbooks from when our five kids first started school, their first drawings from kindergarten, everything." said Michelle Anguish, as she searched through the charred rubble.

On Sunday, the family of seven went to their grandmother's house just down the street. After only 20 minutes, they saw smoke, and came running back to see their home on fire. Investigators say a faulty wire on the refrigerator may have started the fire.

Once the fire was put out, the Anguish family found very little left that wasn't charred or water-logged.

"This wall had every picture from when my baby, when they were born, to from when Scotty was born." said Michelle. Even though they lost all their worldly possessions, Michelle is trying to keep it in perspective.

"All this is material. Of course, we've lost everything, but my babies, my husband and me, that's the most important thing in the world. So thank you Jesus, we have each other." Michelle said, hugging her husband Scotty.

The Red Cross is putting the family up at a local motel for a few days. After they leave the motel, Michelle isn't sure what the family will do.

"My three year old keeps saying to me 'mommy, I want to go home. I want to go home'."

The family is getting help from friends, but is still in need of basics, from clothes to school supplies.

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