Finding Flu Shots Easier With the Web

Maxim Health Systems offers flu shot locator

As everyone scrambles to get the flu shot and try to avoid seasonal flu this year, a new Web site hopes to make it easier to find a clinic near you.

You don't have to go to your doctor's office to get the shot, many stores like Target, Walgreens and CVS offer the shots as well. offers an easy to use locator, all you do is type in your zip code and how many miles from your home you're willing to travel for the immunizations and the date you are willing to go, and the Web site lists all the locations near you.

The site even tells you what time the shots are administered and will help with directions.

For up to date information on H1N1 and flu season check out  and NBCDFW's special Swine Flu section.

More information:,, NBCDFW's Swine Flu special section.

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