Final days for public input on I-30 East Corridor Project that would add lanes to reduce congestion

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Improvements are being considered to reduce congestion on I-30 in Dallas. That's part of the idea behind TxDOT's I-30 East Corridor Project. It's about five miles stretching from the I-45 junction to Ferguson Road.

If you've ever driven the I-30 corridor on the east side of downtown Dallas, you probably describe it like one driver, Maribel Delcampo.

"It's horrible right now,” Delcampo said. “It's jammed pack all the time."

The project would increase the roadway from eight to 10 lanes and add two reversible managed lanes. TxDOT said this would reduce congestion, increase safety and meet future traffic demand.

"We know that Dallas is growing,” TxDOT spokesperson Kenna Mitchell said. “Texas is growing. We are seeing growth in our traffic patterns throughout the metro. I-30 has really become a pretty big commuter corridor."

In the plans, the interstate would be lowered, and five new bridges would be added.  At Caldwell Street where it now ends, a new bridge would connect over.

"That would bring the total number of bridges in that corridor to 22 that we would be working on,” Mitchell said. “So that would be giving pedestrian access, bicycle access, and really helping connect across the interstate."

The work would potentially displace five houses and 12 buildings which is concerning to some who live in the area along with other worries.

"With the neighborhood, I'm concerned about the kids because there is a school right behind me,” Delcampo said. “So, you know the traffic with the kids and all that stuff while they're building."

While she knows something must be done about the growing population and traffic she just hopes her neighborhood doesn't suffer for improvements.

"I love, love my neighborhood,” Delcampo said. “I've been here all my life."

The online public input ends July 14. To see the virtual presentation and give input click here.

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