Fights Prompt Red Oak High School to Cancel Pep Rally

Red Oak High School notified parents Thursday it would not hold a pep rally "for the safety of all students."

Parents say it comes in the wake of several recent fights that have happened during the school day and have been shared via social media.

On the high school's Facebook page, the district referred to them as altercations saying, "We have additional personnel at the high school [Wednesday] monitoring students as well as following up with disciplinary actions."

Denise Williams says she first learned about the fighting when her daughter, a junior, called her earlier this week. Her daughter was at lunch when a fight broke out at the table she was sitting at.

Williams's daughter, who has a torn ACL, had to leave her crutches behind as she scampered to safety.

"Whoever the trouble makers are, they think this is funny. It's not funny, because there are parents sitting at home concerned not knowing whether their child's going to be the next person they attack or whether their child is going to catch a lick or get hurt trying to get away from it," said Williams.

But Williams was also disappointed to learn the school chose to cancel Thursday's pep rally, which she believes punished all students rather than holding those responsible accountable.

"That's not right. Why should the children going to school, appreciating your school and doing what they're supposed to be doing in school on a normal basis have consequences for kids that don't want to act right or don't want to be in school. That's not right," said Williams.

In their note Wednesday, school officials thanked district police and administration for responding quickly.

They went on to ask parents to speak with students about conflict resolution as well as the possible consequences for those who get involved with fights.

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