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Fights on Flights Continue As Mother's Day Travel Begins

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines was at the center of the latest airline altercation video.

Two men started throwing punches after a flight from Dallas Love Field landed in Burbank, California.

Passengers pleaded for someone to do something as the crew brought the plane to the gate, and one person was arrested.

On a United Airlines flight a Kansas woman said she pulled down her pants and urinated in a cup because nature called, just before the flight landed and she wasn't able to get up.

Fights on flights, caught on camera, just keep popping up almost everyday.

In Fort Lauderdale, though, the fights were before anyone left the airport. Passengers there were angry after Spirit Airlines canceled more than 300 flights nationwide, blaming pilots refusing to come to work, angry over their pay rate.

"From the beginning of this unlawful action, we've seen about 60 flights a day that had to be canceled across our network," said Paul Berry, with Spirit Airlines.

"The airline says, look, we don't get the kinds of airfares that American, Delta, United get. We can't pay our pilots what they pay. But the union says, well, you're just as profitable as they are, so why not?" said Seth Kaplan, of Airline Weekly.

Pilots say the problems weren't their fault and there was no strike. Either way, the planes appear to be moving again.

If you're standing by to travel on this Mother's Day weekend, be prepared.

Spirit and most airlines will let you cancel tickets made within the past 24 hours. Anything else is within their normal charges to cancel or change.

Spirit's schedule out of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport showed no cancellations and very few delays over the past few days.

Remember, Southwest Airlines' normal policy allows you to change a flight at anytime for any reason.

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