Cody Lillich

Crane to Remove Vehicles From Collapsed Parking Garage

Some vehicles are in such a tricky spot -- they'll need to be removed by crane

The remaining cars in a collapsed Irving parking garage will be removed by crane this week, officials say.

There are still six driveable vehicles inside the garage that collapsed two times Tuesday, according to the Irving Fire Department.

Several people have already retrieved their cars from places in the garage that officials have deemed safe.

The crane was in place Sunday, but work on the garage won't start before Tuesday.

The fire department said on Saturday four cars remain in areas not affected by the collapse. Another six to eight vehicles are in an area of the garage where they will need to be lifted out by a crane, the department said.

Engineers have been on the scene of the garage shoring up parts of the structure to prevent another collapse. Approximately 21 vehicles were damaged in the initial partial collapse Tuesday morning. A few more vehicles were damaged in another collapse that afternoon.

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