Feral Hogs Causing Concern in a North Arlington Neighborhood

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People living around Legacy River Park in Arlington have shared social media videos of feral hogs roaming their neighborhoods.

The wild hogs can cause damage to yards.

Picture of damage done by feral hogs provided by the City of Arlington Animal Services

"We've had hogs come up and they'll root up the grass and pretty much kill the grass," neighbor Kevin Simpkins said.

There was visible damage in his yard.

"Your grass is pretty much done when they do that,” Simpkins said. “They get their tusk and snout and nose under there and they just peel back the grass supposedly looking for grubs."

Arlington Animal Services said they usually start getting residential calls for wild hogs around October.

You are advised to avoid them.

"Any animal can be dangerous if you surprise them,” City of Arlington Animal Services Field Operation Manager Ray Rentschler said. “Especially if they have young ones. But generally, most wildlife when you see them and they know you are there and making loud noises to haze or harass them they are going to take off running."

Since October 1, animal services and other agencies have trapped about 90 hogs.

Picture of a wild hog caught in a trap provided by City of Arlington Animal Services

"After they're trapped we do take them to a processor and the meat is processed and the money that comes from the hogs is used to purchase more traps so that we can continue our trapping program here," Rentschler said.

Neighbors are glad the city is trying to address the growing nuisance.

"It's a little scary,” neighbor Therese Bergeon said. “I'm not sure if they are going to charge me or our two dogs. We have two dogs we walk them every day, so it is a little concerning for sure."

City of Arlington Animal Services said it started the hog trapping program back in 2013.

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