Female Superheroes Took Over the Dallas Public Library on Saturday

Dozens on women, some dressed as superheroes, headed to the Dallas Public Library on Saturday for "Women of Wonder Con."

“We’re doing stuff, we’re getting stuff done, we’re doing art, we’re writing books,” said one of the organizers, Halo Toons.

Toons said they decided to create the event after attending several other Women Comic Conventions, and noticing a lack of females being featured.

“We found more often than not it featured no women talking about women,” she said.

Women of Wonder Con focuses on inspiring, celebrating, and encouraging women, specifically in creative fields like graphic design, fine arts, comics, and more.

“It’s a really intimidating thing to go into, and I think it would be really fun to hear from other people who have experienced it and gone through it,” said Danielle Dixon, a 17-year-old from Frisco.

The event included discussion panels and guest speakers like Caitlin Dechelle, Wonder Woman’s stunt double in the recent movie.

Toons hopes women attending the event will find people like Dechelle that they can look up to.

“Look for somebody because we’re out there, and we’re doing things, and we’re doing it in Texas,” she said.

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