Female Runner Hit and Injured Along Swiss Avenue, Other Women Possibly Targeted

Women tell NBC 5 that they are terrified because someone is targeting them with his car. Several women have reported incidents while running on Swiss Avenue in East Dallas. One woman has already been hurt, another says she narrowly escaped being hit.

The female runner that was hit says it happened near Swiss and Beacon on Wednesday.

Another woman who was almost hit says at first she just thought the driver was confused but knew something was very wrong when he accelerated towards her.

"You just don't expect that somebody's going to do that to you when you're just out taking a jog," said the jogger who did not want to be identified because she's scared of the man she says tried to run her down early Monday morning along Swiss Avenue.

"There were no cars on the right side of the road there was no reason for him to pull over to the left but he got in line with me against the median and headed straight at me," she said.

She told NBC 5 that she was able to run into the median just in time, but another Dallas runner was not so fortunate.  

That woman, also scared to be identified, told NBC 5 over the phone that she was struck and injured after a driver hit her and then sped off.

Word is spreading on social media and now more women are coming forward.

"A friend of mine had called me. They had been on Next Door, and saw that somebody was hit intentionally and they called me knowing that I run. I got on Next Door and saw that it was a dark Honda and the car I saw was a maroon Honda," said the woman who was almost hit.

"She told me yes three people for sure that had been targeted while they were running on the street," said runner Lois MacDonald.

She just learned of the incidents on her Friday afternoon run.

"Oh I was just terrified. I went oh lord this is ridiculous, all these nice people that say hello to you walking their dogs and everything," MacDonald said.

Runners tell NBC 5 that they choose the road because of the uneven sidewalks, but now might just avoid the peaceful tree-lined street all together.

"I am probably not going to run there for awhile until this guy's caught," said the woman who was almost hit.

The suspect's vehicle is described as a dark colored 4-door possibly 2007-newer Honda Civic and or Accord with tinted windows. Police ask the public to be aware, anyone with information is asked to call Dallas Police.

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