FEMA Sends Teams to Arkansas; Ready in Denton HQ

The disaster response team at FEMA’s underground headquarters in Denton was busy Monday monitoring storms in the area and tracking the damage from tornadoes near Little Rock.

Patricia Mancha, the Region 6 Deputy Director of External Affairs, said crews left Denton Sunday morning for Arkansas in anticipation of possible storms. Since then they’ve sent additional response teams including the Regional Director to provide whatever help they can to local and state leaders.

"Access what kind of damage there is and whether or not we need to take further action and FEMA needs to provide additional support,” said Mancha.

Actual numbers from the storm continue to come in including injuries, deaths, and damage tolls so it could take some time before the full scale of the storm is known, she said.

The storms come just days before FEMA will observe their National Day of Action for tornado season. They say the destruction in the region is an unfortunate reminder of how important it is for everyone to be individually prepared and to have a plan for severe weather season.

FEMA Region 6 serves Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana for disaster response. The office is currently working under a level 3 response, their lowest disaster level, but Mancha said as storms continue to move through the region they have crews on alert and on stand-by incase of more damage.

FEMA Sends Disaster Assistance Teams to Areas Hit by Tornadoes

Administration at FEMA’s Regional Headquarters in Denton said they are sending more crews out on Tuesday to states hit by tornados.

FEMA will send four Disaster Assistance Teams to start working in those areas by Wednesday.

According to a spokesperson, the task force sent out earlier has completed its work.

The American Red Cross has been handing out warm meals to people who don’t have electricity or running water.

FEMA also has supplies ready to send to tornado victims if they need them. Those supplies, which are stored in a warehouse in Ft. Worth, can be to the victims within hours of them asking for help.

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