Federal Agencies Want to Know About Schemes to Steal Your Money

The offers come in text messages, email and even letters in the mail claiming you've won the lottery, a business prize or sweepstakes.

Last year, we met a women who supposedly won the Publisher's Clearing House, then her Mom got a letter saying she won too.

"I called her and I said 'you'll never believe this, I got a letting from the publishing house as well, I won $600,000,'" said Billie Bost.

The Better Business Bureau has been studying reports about sweepstakes, and lottery schemes, how they work and how to help you protect yourself.

They found out often times senior citizens are the ones most at risk and often times are too afraid to tell others how they were tricked and that only helps the crooks.

"Others are coming for victims just like yourself it may end up to be a support group and help each other but also the federal agencies only know what's going on by hearing from the victims," said Jim Elliott with the Federal Trade Commission.

Elliott said the government learned how to combat these crimes by hearing how often they're happening and where.

He and representatives from the U.S. Postal Service, and other groups are discussing ways to combat these schemes and encouraging all victims to make sure they report even an attempt as trying to trick you out of your money.

He said the tips lead to consequences for those breaking the law.

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