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FDA Approves New Cosmetic Filler

A new cosmetic filler that could change your "selfie" game is now on the market.

The FDA approved Juvéderm Vollure™ XC for the correction of facial wrinkles and folds in adults over the age of 21 and Plano cosmetic physician Dr. Fiona Wright believes the product will be a game changer for a newer "problem" sending people to her office.

"Instead of people coming for, "oh, I look old," they're actually coming in saying, "I don't look as good in my selfies," or, "when I Facetime my children or grandchildren, I really am not looking radiant," said Dr. Wright.

Dr. Wright says Vollure can go deep into the skin to add volume to the areas you'd naturally want highlighted, like the cheekbones, and it can also go right underneath the skin to fill in wrinkles.

The look it gives is similar to cosmetic contouring, a recent make-up trend that brightens areas of the face for a slimmer, younger appearance. "The art of facial fillers is to contour so that we take into account the highlights and lowlights and make faces more photogenic," said Dr. Wright.  "Where a makeup artist needs multiple brushes, I need one face brush and that's Vollure."

She adds since Vollure can be used deep in the skin and in the subcutaneous tissue, it can do the work that previously required two separate fillers.

"This is going to be really attractive to patients because now, you only need to buy one filler with one price and it's going to be cost effective for people," said Dr. Wright.

The price for a syringe of Vollure is $700 and the results can last up to 18 months.

Whitney Fox is one of the first in North Texas to receive the treatment.
"I have a chin and I have a little bit of cheekbone now!" said Fox.

She had the procedure done ten years ago and says she experienced no downtime yet received results better than any social media filter.

"I wont have to depend on filters, or this angle, or threatening my friends not to post them until I see them first," said Fox.

Dr. Wright cautions people to find a provider who knows what he or she is doing and has a proven track record with cosmetic fillers.

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