The FBI is already preparing for the FIFA World Cup games in Arlington

Still two years away, the global event has law enforcement planning now

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The FBI in Dallas has already been working for months on preparing for an event that is still two years away: The 2026 FIFA World Cup.

"We are definitely experienced here in Dallas when it comes to special events. However, this is definitely one that we've never had a playbook for," said FBI Dallas Special Agent in Charge, Chad Yarbrough.

Yarbrough said they are part of a group of more than 100 people from public and private law enforcement.

FBI Dallas' Critical Incident Response Team (DCIRT) does training exercises with local and state agencies, like one in the City of Prosper in October.

Yarbrough showed NBC 5 a sample of what it would look like on the ground around AT&T Stadium in Arlington for FIFA.

His team staged three vehicles at FBI Dallas Headquarters: At the center, the mobile command truck, where all communication happens.

"With this vehicle, we're allowed to have secure communications throughout the world. And so, all the way up to the secret level," he explained.

Next door, the evidence response truck was parked, where a team would be on standby to process a crime scene, if necessary.

"This is what we refer to as a Bearcat. This is our armored personnel carrier," Yarbrough said, pointing to the last truck.

He said FBI Dallas has a couple of the trucks, which could have between five and 10 law enforcement personnel, including negotiators.

"We have access to other additional armored vehicles both in Houston and San Antonio," he said.

Yarbrough said for the World Cup, other FBI agencies will send their trucks and personnel to help boost security, though they're still discussing how many will be here.

It's also not just equipment and personnel, the FBI will also be sharing intelligence.

Dallas units, like the cyber-security and terrorism teams are connected to each other here, and to counterparts across the country, and around the world.

"And so, whether it's a cyber threat, whether it's a violent threat, whether it's a counterterrorism threat, we are working collaboratively with both internally here at FBI Dallas with all of our squads and programs, as well as with our state and local partners to make sure that we keep the game safe," Yarbrough said.

There are also ways Yarbrough said you can help keep yourself safe during big events.

He said to always be aware of your exits so that if anything happens, you know exactly where you need to go to get out of that environment.

He also said the adage remains: Anytime you see something suspicious, say something, and report it to police.

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