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Father, Sons Face Off as Opposing High School Football Coaches in Frisco

In North Texas, football is a family affair. Fathers coach sons, and sometimes, sons grow up to coach with their fathers.

In a few cases, they grow up to coach against their fathers.

Vance Gibson is head coach of the Frisco High School Raccoons. His team's opponent on Friday night: the Texarkana Pleasant Grove Hawks and two coaches he knows all too well.

"Changed their diapers. I haven't done that with any other coach that I know, other than the ones we're playing tonight," Gibson said.

Josh Gibson is the Hawks' head coach. His younger brother, Justin, is their offensive coordinator.

Josh and Justin's father taught them everything they know about football.

"I would like to think that they learned some things that could help them going forward," Vance Gibson said.

He coached them in college, then coached alongside them in Frisco.

"They were here nine years before Josh got the job at Pleasant Grove, and then he hired Justin away from me as his offensive coordinator," Vance Gibson explained.

He may know their playbook, but that doesn't mean he has an advantage.

"They know ours," he said.

He says he still roots for his sons, but on Friday night football came first.

"I want them to be successful every week but this one," Vance Gibson said.

There is no love lost on the field, but at the end of the night, Vance Gibson said he's proud of what his sons have become.

"It's something I wouldn't trade for the world," he said.

Two sons following in their father's footsteps, creating a legacy that will live on long after the score is settled.

This is the second time the Gibsons have squared off. Frisco won in 2016.

This year, the win went to Pleasant Grove, 43-13.

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