Missing Baby's Dad Charged With Capital Murder

A father who allegedly lied about his 9-month-old daughter being kidnapped last month has been charged with capital murder, Dallas police said.  

Alandus Weaver, 20, and Tamaira Creagh, 19, originally told police their daughter Daisja was kidnapped June 9, after Creagh fought off a sexual assault inside their apartment in the 5800 block of Preston Oaks.

Weaver has since told investigators that Daisja drowned as he was giving her a bath and that he and Creagh panicked and made up the kidnapping story. 

Police doubted the couple's story from the beginning and were slow about issuing an Amber Alert. On June 13, Creagh confessed to police that Daisja died in Weaver's care and that she later accompanied him as he tied a sandbag to the baby's body and threw her over a bridge into Lake Lewisville.

Police arrested Weaver the same day, and arrested Creagh on June 15, both on charges of tampering with evidence.

Dallas police canceled the Amber Alert and suspended their search for Daisja at Lake Lewisville on June 18.

"It's sad that we haven't found the body, but we believe this crime was hidden in order for the suspects to get away with it," Senior Cpl. Janice Crowther said.

Creagh, who is six months pregnant with Weaver's child, bonded out of jail the same morning the search was called off. Her attorneys released a statement calling her a victim of domestic abuse who was forced to participate in the cover-up.

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