North Texas

Father Helps Son Battling Cancer Through Yoga Challenge and More

Rick and Richie Smith work side by side on two yoga mats inside the Bikram Yoga Richardson studio

Rick, often with Richie's hand in his, helps guide his 22-year-old son through the poses.

"Due to the brain tumor locations, I lost a lot of mobility in my left side so that's what he helps me with," Richie Smith said.

Richie Smith has been battling Grade 4 brain cancer since was 18 years old. Now 22, Richie has limited mobility on his left side.

"For me it wasn't scary," Richie Smith said. "I just know that whatever happens is for reason and God is in control and he knows how it's going to start and end."

Richie Smith's cancer battle and love for music inspired him to start the For a Reason World Foundation, a nonprofit to spread support and therapy through the arts using the motto: "If life gives you lemons..."

He doesn't let his limitations hold him back.

"He first wanted to do yoga, and we were like how are we going to do yoga?" said Rick Smith. "We said, 'Well somebody can partner with him,' I became his partner. He wanted to ride a bicycle, a bicycle doesn't work right now so we got a tricycle — he's got an adult size tricycle that he can ride."

The pair recently finished a 60-day yoga challenge. They were allowed 70 days to complete it, but Richie Smith wouldn't let them take a day off.

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