Father Drowns While Working to Rescue 2 Children in Denton

denton fire department
NBC 5 News

A father drowned while trying to rescue two of his children, who both survived, from a Denton lake Monday, fire officials say.

Denton fire officials said the man's 11-year-old daughter told them the group was on a boat when her 4-year-old brother, who was wearing a life jacket, fell in the lake while trying to grab his fishing pole.

The girl fell in trying to grab her brother, and the father fell in while he tried to grab them both, according to a Denton Fire/Rescue Department spokesperson.

Officials said the incident happened in the middle of a large, private lake on Chinn Road -- on the north side of Denton.

A friend jumped into the water, which was very cold, to try to help the father, officials said. Both children made it back onto the boat and the friend tried to keep the father above water, but he went under for two to three minutes, the spokesperson said.

First responders swam to the boat, which was about 200 to 250 feet from shore, and pushed and paddled the boat back to shore, where rescue crews were waiting, the spokesperson said.

The father and both children were taken to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton. The children were treated for hypothermia and exposure, but crews were unable to revive their father, the spokesperson said.

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