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Father Says Racist Snapchat Sent to His Son a Sign of Needed Change at Nolan Catholic High School

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A racist Snapchat from two students has led to conversations about racism on the campus of Fort Worth's Nolan Catholic High School and has alums demanding better from schools leaders.       

Jay Stegall is demanding change at the school, which is also his alma mater, after his a racist Snapchat message was sent to his son and other members of the school's baseball team. 

"One kid created a picture of him and MLK and the picture was titled, 'Happy N-word month' and another kid posted the picture," said Stegall.

The boys' punishment was private, but a few days later they were back on the baseball team and Stegall said the school seemed ready to move on.

"Had we just been OK with a couple games suspension, a couple days suspended from school. I really think the admin wanted to get back to normal as quickly as possible," said Stegall.

The diocese would not answer our questions but referred us to a letter they sent to their families where they call racism a sin, and are working to implement training on racial injustices for staff, students and families. 

Stegall wants equity and inclusion added to the curriculum. He and six pages of alums have penned a letter to the school demanding action.

"I want my son to feel safe in the environment, they're doing virtual school this semester but right now he doesn't want to walk through the halls of Nolan High school and frankly I cant blame him," he said.

Stegall planned to meet with the school again Thursday. School leaders told NBC 5 those conversations would continue to see how Nolan High School can do better.   

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