#SomethingGood: Father and Son Finish 11-Year Summer Adventure

Something good happened to a father and son in Collin County. They reached a goal they started 11 years ago.

Brian Baskeyfield sent pictures to iSee@nbcdfw.com that show the beginning and end of their mission to visit all 30 Major League ballparks.

He and his son, Brendon, spent 11 summers making memories to last a lifetime.

"Life has been so very good to us together so far and I've loved every second of every one of these trips," Brian wrote in an email. "Not just the parks but seeing the country, too."

Several years ago, Baskeyfield saw a story on TV about two buddies who saw 30 ballparks in 30 days. The Richardson Independent School District teacher decided it would be a cool adventure during summers off from school.

"Took out a map of the ballparks and teams in the United States, charted out groupings here and there, three or four teams a summer, and we could go and see all the different ballparks, the teams play and the landmarks along the way and historical places and fun things to do," he said.

It was 2008 when the father and son took their first trip to Houston. Brendon Baskeyfield was 8 years old when those trips started. Eleven years later, they saved the best for last to celebrate Brendon's high school graduation.

"We went to Boston first, Fenway Park and did the Freedom Trail while we were there, too," Brian said. "Then, took the train, which was a neat experience, from Boston to New York, went to Yankee Stadium and Citifield for the Mets. went to the World Trade Center memorial, the "Lion King" and "Hamilton" on Broadway. And to finish it off, we went to Cooperstown, New York, and the Hall of Fame which was the perfect way to end the trip."

"Mission: Accomplished!!! 30 ballparks, 11 years and memories to last a lifetime with my main man Brendon Baskeyfield!" he wrote. "Amazingly, not a single rainout and very few "dude where's my car moments" lol. Life has been so very good to us together so far and I've loved every second of every one of these trips. Not just the parks but seeing the country too. I hope he grows into as wonderful dad someday as he's been a son to me and makes memories of his own like this."

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