Fast-Growing Plano Approves New Development Plan

The approval comes after there was a lawsuit about the previous plan, Plano Tomorrow

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After years of legal woes over the last comprehensive plan for growth in Plano, a new plan has been approved for the fast-growing city.

Steve Lavine, a former candidate for the city council, has a stake in the plan. He lives near an area that can be developed.

“I am in favor of the plan. It’s a compromise. It didn’t have everything that I would like to see in it, but it wasn't so restrictive as to be something that I would be against,” he said.

The original Plano Tomorrow plan was scrapped after a group sued. They were concerned about multi-family and mixed-use developments and wanted voters to decide. The new plan was passed unanimously by the city council.

“We’ve been working on comp plans for about eight years. I am so glad we are able to move forward. We have a plan in place and it is one that a big part of the community had input in, and so for that reason, I am very happy it's over,” Plano Mayor John Muns said.

This plan still allows for commercial and multi-use development, but with more limits and specifics about what is allowable. The mayor said there needs to be room for flexibility.

“As the market changes we have to be able to pivot and adjust, and I hope everybody understands that,” Muns said.

A market in a city where growth estimates have the population at 300,000 by 2040.

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