Farmersville Dairy Queen Re-Opens After Fire Engine Crash

It has been a long wait, but after nearly four months, a popular fast food restaurant in Farmersville is now back open.

A fire engine crashed into the front of the Dairy Queen in January, and the business had been closed for repairs ever since.

One of just a handful of restaurants in the small town of Farmersville, the Dairy Queen has been busy since it reopened its doors on Tuesday.

A technician driving the fire engine told police hot coffee caused him to choke and lose control of the vehicle. Three people were injured and dozens more were out of a job for months. No charges have been filed.

The owner of the restaurant says he is ready for things to get back to normal.

"We're real busy. People are coming, they hadn't been here for a while. They like our ice cream and I think it'll slow down and things will get back to normal. And I hope my life gets back to normal, I really do, because this has been very much stress and strain," owner Joe McKee said.

McKee said it concerns him that no charges have been filed against the driver of the fire engine.

Farmersville police say initial alcohol and drug tests came back negative. But, they say the most recent test results showed the driver had opiates in his system. The driver claims the opiates came from hydrocodone he took the night before the crash for back pain.

Investigators are now trying to determine whether the opiates may have been a factor in the crash.

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