Fans, Employees Say Goodbye to Dirk

Thousands of fans showed up Tuesday night to pay tribute to the player most consider the greatest Maverick of all time.

But to get a true measure of Dirk Nowitzki, it's worth talking with any one of the hundreds who work at the American Airlines Center. Many of whom, have known Nowitzki from the very start.

"I just remember a shy kid who gave you an off center smile," Security guard Sue Ragaas said. "He'd walk through and I'd say to Sue, that's Dirk and she'd say yeah that's Dirk," Arena employee Margaret Vann said.

And on the night of what most expect to be his final home game as a Maverick, Nowitzki was greeted by rows of American Airlines Center Employees. Instead of driving in, Nowitzki decided to walk while high fiving everyone he came across.

"We are just security and he allows us to be part of his world and how many celebrities would go out their way to help a security guard, that's a true man," Ragaas said.

Ragaas and others said they are happy to have been witnesses to Nowitzki's success and are excited to see what he might do next but are also sad to see him go.

"He's just the nicest sweetest person you could ever meet," Vann said.

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