Fans at Texas Motor Speedway Brace for Storms

Heavy rain pounded Texas Motor Speedway Thursday afternoon, causing fans camping out in the infield to take cover.

“It really came down hard,” said Randy Walser, a NASCAR fan from Midlothian.

The speedway was hit with heavy rain and wind, but no tornado.

“We're here now,” said John McLoughlin, who came from New Mexico to watch the AAA Texas 500. “Ain’t no going home.”

A giant, dark and ominous cloud was the first signal Texas Motor Speedway's safety plan might be needed.

“Just nervous,” said Scott Simer. “But they'll come on the loud speaker and we'll go around to the garage, or underneath the tunnels, and ride it out.”

[DFW] Severe Storm Photos - November 5, 2015

Earlier, sirens sounded as fans were asked to clear the grandstand. But much of the operation around the track continued as normal.

Still, many fans weren’t taking any chances.

“We learned from years past,” said Walser. “When the wind comes in and the rain like this, you fasten everything down. You didn't want anything to blow away.”

The heavy rain lasted for about an hour before it passed through the area.

“We're going to ride it out,” said Simer. “We're ready for the races and we'll ride it out.”

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