Fan Frenzy Over New Mystery Ride at Six Flags

For more than 50 years, Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington has left thrill seekers on the edge of their seats – and they’re doing it again as they get to work on a brand-new mystery ride.

“It’s driving everyone crazy,” said Trevor Eitel, a Six Flags season pass holder and the founder of a coaster enthusiast group called Texas Thrill Seekers, which has hundreds of members across the state. “We’re all sick. We really want to know what’s going on.”

For several weeks now, crews have been busy building some type of platform behind the park’s “Adventure Theatre” attraction, which closed back in 2010.

The construction site backs into the park’s popular “Roaring Rapids” ride, so it, too, is blocked off. A sign now sits in front of the ride’s queue that reads “Roaring Rapids will be temporarily closed so we can bring you a spectacular new attraction in 2015.”

Eitel said that sign has set off a frenzy as he and other fans of Six Flags try to figure out what the park is up to.

“It’s just like Christmas Day for us,” said Eitel. “So anytime news or speculations are being tossed around, everyone gets excited."

Texas Thrill Seekers has gone so far as to pull the permits the city of Arlington issued Six Flags for this project, hoping it would provide some hint. But all it revealed is that Six Flags can remodel the Adventure Theatre building and make additions to it.

The park has helped fan the fire, leaving a series of strange photo clues on its Facebook page. Two of them show photo negatives of the park — leading many to believe this will be some type of dark or indoor ride.

A new clue posted Wednesday shows a cat. Eitel said it could possibly be a Catwoman reference, signaling this ride will have a Batman tie-in like other rides near it.

“We’re hearing it’s going to be an interactive-type dark ride, where you get your laser pointer and you shoot the targets throughout the attraction,” said Eitel. “I think it would be a great fit for the park. Dark rides are a huge success.”

A spokesperson for Six Flags would only confirm that a new attraction for 2015 is under construction, but said they will be making an official announcement soon.

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