Family Wants Justice for Murder Victim's Newborn Son

Family and friends want justice for a boy who will never know his father. They gathered Wednesday for a candlelight vigil in his honor.

Robert Eames, 30, was fatally shot outside his apartment Monday, leaving behind a fiance and newborn son.

"We want to know why, why did this happen," said Adam Ordonez, brother of Eames' fiance. "He was everybody's protector around here."

Eames was home at the Autumn Apartments in Balch Springs when he heard the alarm on his Hummer in the parking lot go off outside his window at about 11 p.m. Eames then went outside.

"He wanted to find out what was going on," explained Balch Springs Police Officer Pedro Gonzalez.

Eames' fiance saw the shooting on their security camera feed.

"She heard three gunshots," Gonzalez said. "She walked outside and saw her fiance at the stairwell with gunshots."

Eames was a new father. His son, Hunter, was born just five days before his murder.

"They took the person that made us whole as a family, the only person I knew was going to be here and take care of us and love us, no matter what," said Eames' fiance, Stephanie Garza, through tears. "The love of my life is gone and nobody can replace that."

Police said they have some good leads, but encouraged anyone with information to come forward, no matter how insignificant it might seem.

While the victim's security cameras provided a live feed of what happened, they did not record anything. Eames was saving up money to buy a recorder.

"Please, please do us a favor. Turn yourself in," Ordonez begged. "You're going to help yourself out. You're going to help us out."

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