Family Violence Charge Against Minister Dominique Alexander to be Dismissed

Minister Dominique Alexander and his legal team will speak regarding the case and the next steps regarding civil litigation against Dallas Police Department.

Dominique Alexander with Dallas-based activist group Next Generation Action Network speaks to the media following a meeting with Dallas police and city leaders.
NBC 5 News

A domestic violence charge against Dallas activist and minister Dominique Alexander has been dismissed.

Alexander's organization, the Next Generation Action Network, announced that the case was dismissed on Monday.

According to a report by the Dallas Morning News, Alexander was arrested in connection with two family-violence assault charges in April 2019.

He was charged with one felony and one misdemeanor after he was accused of shoving and attempting to strangle his former partner, Keyaira Saunders, the Dallas Morning News reported.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Saunders signed an affidavit saying she would not testify or participate in the case, adding that she felt betrayed by the way the Dallas Police Department handled it.

As an activist in Dallas, 31-year-old Alexander speaks on behalf of families of victims of violence and has been a leader of protests in the city.

Alexander organized protests denouncing the shooting of Botham Jean by Amber Guyger, and he participated in protests in Dallas over police brutality in summer 2020, the Dallas Morning News reported.

He founded Next Generation Action Network in response to the unsolved killing of his childhood friend, D’Lisa Kelley.

Alexander and his legal team will speak in a news conference at 1 p.m. to discuss possible civil litigation against the Dallas Police Department, according to a written statement by Next Generation Action Network.

"After almost two years of bearing the unwarranted burden of these disgraceful allegations, Minister Alexander is finally able to clear his name," Next Generation Action Network said in a statement. "Through the diligence and persistence of his legal team and the inability of prosecution to build a case, all charges have been dismissed."

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