Missing Guide Dog Found, Reunited With Owner

A Garland woman was reunited with her guide dog, Anka, on Wednesday.

Kiem Densmore's 5-year-old lab was last seen by neighbors at the corner of Holm Drive and Proctor Street in Garland on March 7.

Richard Fletcher and his wife saw the dog walking across the street at Shiloh Road and Royal Drive in North Garland, only three blocks from where she was last seen, and took her home. The couple's brother saw news reports and told them she was the missing guide dog.

"I'm really glad to get her back to Kiem, and I've made two good friends now -- Kiem and Anka," Fletcher said.

Densmore was reunited with Anka shortly before noon Wednesday.

The Fletchers refused the $1,000 reward for Anka's return, saying they were "just doing the right thing." But they said they hope to have play dates with Anka from time to time.

Densmore said she is thankful Fletcher brought her guide dog back.

"I am so grateful to him," she said. "He has a place in my heart, [I] just can't imagine not having her. There's a good chance I could not have her back right now, and I'm so happy."

Her 8-year-old daughter, Darlie, had been searching for Anka since Thursday.

"My heart felt broken without her and, when she got back, my heart felt fixed," she said. "Don't give up."

Kiem Densmore lost her sight after a head injury sustained in 1999 accident.

"Anka, 'Find the bus stop,' she'll find that. 'Find the door,' she'll find that. Tell her, 'Find the restroom,' she'll find a restroom," Densmore said.

Her daughter said her mother had to use her cane while Anka was missing.

"She almost fell," Darlie Densmore said. "She poked herself on a few bushes that are really sharp. She's been getting hurt.

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