Family Pleading for Information on Who Killed Arlington Mother

It has been two weeks since 33-year-old April Vancleave was murdered, and even though two "persons of interest" were spotted on surveillance video police are no closer to making an arrest.

The Arlington mother was killed while trying to raise money to buy Christmas presents for her 6-year-old daughter. Now, the woman's family is pleading for someone to come forward to help police catch the person who killed her.

It all started at the Target store on West Arbrook Boulevard. Investigators say Vancleave listed some jewelry for sale online. Then, she and her husband agreed to meet potential buyers inside the Target, thinking they would be safe in a busy public place.

But police say the supposed buyers had a different idea that ended in tragedy.

"You have such a big heart and you do everything right, and then in an instant you're gone," said Vancleave's stepsister, Margie Morton Aguirre.

It hasn't felt like Christmas for Aguirre and the rest of Vancleave's family.

"I swore I wasn't going to get upset," Aguirre said, while wiping away a tear.

Vancleave simply wanted to do something special for her little girl.

"She wasn't materialistic," Aguirre said. "She had jewelry, (and thought) 'Hey, I'm not wearing it anymore, let me sell it so I can get my baby something.'"

But when Vancleave and her husband came to meet the potential buyers at Target, they didn't show. Detectives believe they followed the couple home, instead, and when Vancleave's husband dropped her off and left for work, police say two men pulled up, stole her purse and shot her once, killing her.

"Somebody thought that was worth a life, and that's what ticks me off so much is the fact that two guys, over greed, can kill somebody," said Aguirre.

Investigators released surveillance video, showing two men leaving the Target store and getting into a maroon pickup truck. They're calling the men persons of interest and they want to find them.

"If they did this to a 5-foot 2-inch young, 33-year-old woman by herself, who's to say they haven't done it before or that they're going to do it again?" she said.

Vancleave's death left a huge hole.

"Everybody's hurting. Everybody's devastated," said Aguirre.

That especially includes 6-year-old Lilly, who Aguirre said spent the holidays asking, "Can Santa bring mama home?"

Now as they wait for justice, the family is honoring the big-hearted woman they lost.

"She would take clothes and toys to women's shelters," Aguirre said. "She rescued animals all the time."

A lifetime of memories are left to share with the child she lived for.

"Her mother will always be with her," said Aguirre.

Arlington police say they've gotten about 20 tips, and that's low for a case like this, leading them to think the people who did this may be from out of town.

They're asking anyone with information to call Arlington police at 817-274-4444 and they're reminding folks if you want to buy or sell something in person, you can always meet at the Arlington Police Department.

There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. The family also has a GoFundMe page set up for burial costs and to help Vancleave's daughter.

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