Family Plans Lawsuit Over Arlington Police Shooting

The family of a man killed by Arlington police last Saturday is preparing a lawsuit against the department and called on the officer to be fired and arrested.

"At this time I am asking to seek justice and want justice to be served for my son,” said O'Shae Woods’ mother, Sherley Woods.

After the body cam video from the traffic stop was released Thursday, the mother’s attorney, Lee Merritt, said the officer should never have fired his weapon.

"That violates every policy for pursuit, every policy for the use of force on the books,” Merritt said.

Attorney Lee Merritt said in a news conference Friday that the Arlington Police Officer who fatally shot O'Shae Terry should be fired and that criminal charges should be filed against the officer.

It happened during a traffic stop Saturday where an Arlington police officer said she smelled marijuana and called for backup.

A second officer responded.

A police video released Thursday showed Terry suddenly rolled up his windows.

The officer stuck his hand inside and, as Terry started driving away, the officer opened fire.

Terry was killed. His passenger was detained and later released.

Merritt claimed the video contradicted the initial police account of what happened.

"They described specifically that his arm was caught in the door and he was being dragged by a car,” he said at a news conference Friday. “The video shows that didn't happen at all."

In fact, a police spokesman never used the word dragged, and never claimed the officer's hand was 'caught' in the door.

"His left hand and arm was inside the window as it's being rolled up,” Lt. Chris Cook said soon after the incident.

But Merritt said the officer made a mistake by putting his hand in the window at all, and should have never fired his gun.

"This officer, as a result, should be terminated from his position with Arlington PD and a warrant should be issued for his arrest," Merritt said.

The Tarrant County District Attorney’s office has a policy of referring every police shooting to a grand jury.

The officer remains on leave while the department investigates.

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