Family of Student Accused of Vaping THC, Fights To Clear His Name

The father of a now former Hebron High School student says his son was wrongfully accused and punished for smoking THC.

Jake Drew, says his son Nathan was accused in October and within days discipline was handed down, including a three day suspension and a 30-day transfer to an alternative school.

“There’s no physical evidence in this case whatsoever, simply accusations,” Drew said.

Drew says he gave his son three separate drug tests including a hair follicle test that was administered by an outside party, all came back negative.

“At this point I thought that this would all be over,” he said.

Despite multiple appeals, the punishment was upheld. In a statement, Lewisville ISD said in part:

“A thorough investigation was conducted, which included statements from several students, and the district stands by the disciplinary consequences applied to all the students involved.”

Nathan Drew has since transferred to Plano ISD where the district reversed the disciplinary decision and will allow him to return to a normal school. But Jake Drew still worries about the stain on his son’s record and how it might impact his college applications.

“The thing I worry about most is not just my son but all the Nathan’s out there who haven’t had a voice in situations like this,” Drew said.

Drew has started a website and petition, lobbying Lewisville ISD to reverse and remove the disciplinary decision, so far more than 2,600 have signed the petition.

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