Family of Missing Grand Prairie Mother Found Dead Reveal Tragic Details in Death; Express Frustration at Police Investigation

The family of a missing Grand Prairie mother whose body was found in a Dallas lake came forward today to release tragic new details into the death of the 26-year-old mother of two.

The family of Weltzin Garcia is also expressing frustration at the way the Grand Prairie Police Department has handled the case.

More than two months after Garcia vanished from her home, her family showed up to the Grand Prairie Police Department and met privately with detectives.

“I told the detectives I am sad,” said Atziry Garcia. “I feel like I’ve been creating all these stories by myself because they didn’t give me any evidence, any solid evidence that proved that my sister was dead.”

Garcia says Dallas police, which joined the investigation, did provide the family new evidence found inside Garcia’s Grand Prairie home this week.

“They told us that they found blood in my sister’s room, all the way to the garage,” said Garcia.

This is upsetting, she says, because Grand Prairie police checked the house the day Garcia was reported missing in February and did not reveal any blood was found until today.

“I don’t think Grand Prairie police did good work because they let us sleep in the room where my sister was killed and that’s terrible. That’s psychologically devastating. We went through hell,” she said.

Dallas police got involved in the case because Garcia and her boyfriend Alfonso Hernandez were reported missing and his cell phone was traced to White Rock Lake in Dallas.

Police then found Hernandez’ car.

A massive search was conducted for the pair and yielded nothing for weeks.

Hernandez’s body was found in White Rock Lake in late February.

Garcia’s body was found last week in Mountain Creek Lake.

Autopsies and toxicology reports are still pending.

Dallas police told NBC 5 today they are treating the deaths as ‘unexplained’ until the autopsies are complete.

Garcia said she had remained hopeful for two months, thinking that her sister was still alive.

“Maybe that was something in me but she’s my other half, she’s my twin sister,” she said. “But now that I know that we found her finally after two months, now she can rest in peace.”

NBC 5 spent the day trying to confirm details provided by Garcia’s family.

Each police department deferred to the other department for comment.

Grand Prairie Police Department’s spokesman said they will not confirm nor deny the details revealed by the family. GPPD adding it is still an active investigation and GPPD will continue to work with DPD detectives.

Hernandez’s sister tells NBC 5 she has not been informed of any new details disclosed by Garcia’s family.

She says the details ‘make no sense’ especially because a cousin was living in the same house and did not hear anything.

Garcia’s family says they are having her cremated and will hold services in North Texas over the weekend.

Garcia’s mother will then take her daughter’s ashes back to their native Monterrey, Mexico next week.

The couple’s two children are in the case of Garcia’s twin sister.

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